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Western Cowboy Town Shopping Pendleton Oregon
Round-up Rodeo Pendleton Oregon Travel Pendleton Travel Oregon
Travel Pendleton Travel Oregon Bronze Trail Toursim

Pendleton - the true west.  We had the pleasure of crafting a tourism video for this authentic cowboy town called Handmade Every Day, and then launched a successful social media campaign to deliver it to hipsters and other weekend travelers in the Seattle and Portland markets. Duke Joseph also designed outdoor advertising, print ads and a year-long social media push for Travel Pendleton, highlighting local events and color, and of course the plethora of leatherwork and other arts that abound here.  

We designed and built a mobile interactive bronze tour, that leads visitors past the city's many bronze statues and installations. Duke Joseph also conducted social media training for local businesses, where we shared with them advanced advertising techniques, best practices, and back-end analytics.

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