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Drone Demonstrations UAS Future Farm Duke Joseph
Drones and Agriculture Future Farm

Duke Joseph, in partnership with state government and the Pendleton UAS Test Range, formed a consortium of ag tech developers and like-minded growers focused on demonstrating the first-ever monitor, detect, prescribe and effect workflow for unmanned systems operating in concert. The Oregon UAS FutureFarm brought together proprietary technologies from Digital Harvest, Micasense, Yamaha, Insitu and senseFly, and this workflow incorporated multiple UAS types, coarse NIR satellite data and soil sensors.   


Duke Joseph created the conceptual design, branding collateral for FutureFarm, built industry and government relations, told the public-facing story, and recruited industry leaders to Pendleton to develop their products at the UAS range and test them at local farms.and Under the FutureFarm umbrella, we also organized a Drone Demo Day, where growers could study a variety of drones in operation and evaluate their respective advantages.


We conducted an agriculture-focused, week-long commercial drone pilot course in Pendleton, and many attendees went on to get their drone pilot license.


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